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Striped Curtains

Striped Curtains

Made to Measure Striped Curtains - individually made to suit your requirements in any of our range of interior striped fabrics.

Unfortunately we are unable to take curtain orders at this time.

Striped Curtains

Made to Measure Stripe Curtains Ordering instructions

Unfortunately we are unable to take Curtain orders at this time

Use our easy 4 step ordering process.

Unfortunately we are unable to take Curtain orders at this time

Choose the fabric for your Striped Curtains - if you haven't chosen yet, choose your Striped Fabric here
Then fill in and SUBMIT the form below with your initial measurements, based on the illustrations opposite (below on mobile) and the notes below (please READ)
You must measure the pole(between the finials) / track rather than the window
We call you back to confirm your measurements and take your payment during office hours (if possible at a preferred time given by you)
Your curtains are made at our Chester Workshop and delivered to you

Please complete the form below using the measurement guide opposite (below on mobile) and press the SUMBIT button when you are happy with your measurements. We will then reply with a quotation.
All quotations received must be throroughly checked by the customer before orders are placed as we are unable to accept responsibility for incorrect measurements or information.

 Name *
 Fabric Choice
 Heading Type
 Fixing Type
 Width in cms
Drop in cms
 More Info
 Phone Number *
 Preferred time/method of contact

Notes on Measuring your Curtains

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a track or pole, both of which should ideally be positioned 15cm above the window and extend at least 15-20cm either side and up to 30cm to enable the curtains to be drawn well back. This applies to plastic and metal tracks, as well as poles. We strongly advise that you fit the track or pole before taking measurements otherwise we wont be able to quote.

CURTAIN WIDTH: Measure the curtain track or pole width and not the window.

  • For a pole: measure between the finials
  • For a single track: measure the full width
  • For an overlapping corded track: measure each side of the tracks and add together

CURTAIN DROP: The drop is the length from the top to the bottom of the curtain. The drop will depend on where the base of the curtain is to finish and the chosen heading style.

Measure the correct point to:
  • 1cm above the sill for sill length
  • The desired length for below sill length (usually 15cm below) or just above any radiator
  • 1cm above the floor for full length. If the floor is uneven add 1-2cm to disquise this
Measuring the curtain drop

For poles:
Measure the drop from the small metal ring (eye) at the bottom of each curtain ring (see diagram). This will prevent the pole or rings from being obscured by the curtain.

For tracks:
Measure the drop from the top of the track so that the curtain hides the track

Eyelet curtains:
Measure the drop from the very top of the pole. Advise the pole diameter so the correct eyelets are used. Please note that we will add 3-4cm allowance above the eyelets.

Please measure very carefully in Centimetres as accurately as possible and double check your results as we are unable to accept responsibility or refund for curtains that are incorrect due to inaccurate measurements received.

If you have any queries please call us on 01244 336387 during office hours 10-5 mon-fri.

Curtain Prices

Making up Per width: £48
  • plus cost of fabric per metre required
  • plus Lining
Lining Options:
  • Cotton Lining (Ivory)
  • Thermal Blackout Lining

Stripe Curtains with Pinch Pleats in Ballooning Stripe
Stripe Curtains with Pinch Pleats

Stripe Curtains with Pencil Pleats in Boules Stripe Stripe Curtains with Pencil Pleats

Striped Curtains with Eyelets in Dice Stripe
striped curtains with eyelets

Striped Curtains with Pencil Pleats in Foxtrot Stripe pink green black stripe curtains

Stripe Curtains with Pelmet in Crossword Stripe Fabric
stripe curtains with pelmet

Striped Curtains - How to Measure your Windows for Curtains

1. Curtain Width
how to measure for curtains

2. Curtain Drop
how to measure for curtain drop

Striped Curtains with Pinch Pleats in Wrestling Stripe
Striped Curtains with Pinch Pleats
Striped Curtains with Pencil Pleats in Origami Stripe Striped Curtains with Pencil Pleats
Multi Stripe Curtains with Eyelets in Pinball Stripe Multi Stripe Curtains with eyelets

Striped Curtains

We make your curtains in our Interior Striped Fabrics. All our fabrics are made from natural cotton fibres which are yarn dyed and then woven to the correct width. At 150 cms, our cotton fabrics are usually wider than the standard 138 cms, which makes for fuller curtains.

Colour Matching

Please use our free swatch service for colour matching before ordering. Select the Request a Swatch button on any fabric page.

Although yarn dyed woven fabrics are identical on both sides, we recommend that where used for blinds or curtains that they should be lined or blackout lined to protect from fading.
This is especially important for deeper coloured fabrics which appear to fade faster - the use of UV window film is also recommended to prolong the life of your curtains and protecting the vulnerable turned edges - especially on a south facing elevation where the sun may be stronger. We offer lining or blackout lining options for our made to measure curtains.

Cleaning Curtains

Once curtains are made up in our fabrics, we recommend a specialist curtain cleaning specialist - NOT washing.

Pattern Matching

As our fabrics are vertically striped, there is no wastage for pattern matching or repeats - any width joins are barely distinguishable.

Please follow the measuring instructions on this page and choose from the many options to suit your window scheme. Our curtains are delivered folded and ready to hang, so you will be able to fit them yourself, or use a local curtain fitting expert.

We can also make for you in your chosen fabrics

Choose your own colour combinations and trims with our made to measure Mix and Match Soft Furnishings

We can now make Striped Curtains in any of our 100% yarn dyed cotton Striped Fabrics for you!

They can be trimmed in any of our Pompom Bobble Fringes or perhaps trim the leading edges with Striped Webbing or any of our Striped Grosgrain Ribbons

If you have any queries please call us on 01244 336387 during office hours 10-5 mon-fri.

Deckchairstripes™ Ltd T/A The Stripes Company - Stripe Fabric Specialists. Call 01244 336 387 or Local Rate 0845 500 1 005