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Recover Deckchairs

How to Recover a Traditional Wooden Deckchair

Traditionally deck chairs were re-covered once a year. After summer use and winter storage in often damp, cold conditions in a shed or garage your deckchairs will probably be looking a little tired. Fortunately, with just a few simple tools and Deckchair Fabric available from The Stripes Company re-covering a deckchair is simple and quick.

In the video 'How to Recover a Deck Chair' below Maria from The Stripes Company shows you how ! Please call us on 01244 336 387 if you need any additional help or advice after watching

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If you prefer to read how to recover a deckchair use the images and instructions below

How to Recover a Deckchair

  • Step 1 - You will need
  • 1.5 metres Deckchair Canvas Fabric - see our range of deckchair fabric in over 40 different Stripes!
  • 45cms wide
  • Stripes must be vertical
  • 20 + Upholstery Tacks
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Step 2 - Deckchair Frame Position
  • 1 Place frame upside down on a table - Note the position of the ridges – ridges on underneath
  • 2 Start at the top - The wide end - with 1.5 metres fabric
  • 3 Feed fabric underneath bars a & b - Fold over edge of fabric 3-4 cms
  • 4 Roll fabric back over bar 'a'
  • Step 3 - Attach Fabric Wide End
  • 1 Starting at one edge insert upholstery pin on underside of bar. Hold pins between two fingers as in pic 2. Gently hammer till it bites. Remove fingers, hit it hard till pin head flush with fabric (pic 3)
  • 2 Next put a pin in the centre, hammer in
  • 4 Next put in pin at other end
  • 5 Repeat - Fill in with the remaining pins - 9 /10 in total
  • Step 4 - Attach Fabric Narrow End
  • 1 Feed rest of fabric underneath bar at narrow end
  • 2 Turn the fabric in so that it fits inside frame
  • 3 Fold over end of fabric (cut off if too much)
  • 4 Fold over bar and secure as before
  • Because our fabric is 100% natural cotton with no synthetics, the weave is constructed to slightly 'give' when first sat on. If tacked on tightly - the canvas will 'mould' to the shape of the body to give a more relaxed and comfortable seat. This is totally normal and the strength of the fabric is not compromised in any way.

  • Deckchair Canvas 45cm

    100% Woven Cotton
    45cms width unless otherwise stated in product description.
    Multiples of one colour come as a complete length - if you have more than one deckchair, try covering them in different clashing colours!

    See our full range of  Deckchair Canvas

    See our Video of How to Re-cover a Deckchair

    See our FAQs

  • Deckchair Canvas New Weave

    100% Woven cotton
    Thicker Weave
    45cms wide unless otherwise stated in product description
    Multiples of one colour come as a complete length

    See our full range of  Deckchair Fabrics

  • Vintage Deckchair Canvas

    100% yarn dyed cotton
    45cms wide unless otherwise stated in product description.
    Multiples of one colour come as a complete length

    See our Step by Step Guide on How to Recover a Deckchair
    and do not forget to purchase your Upholstery Nails, to attach your fabric.

    See our full range of  Deckchair Fabrics

  • Teak Deck Chairs

    Order from this page if you would like a Deckchair with just a Canopy or just a Footstool

    1. add the Teak Deck Chair of your choice to the basket

    2. If you want to add a canopy, add the Teak Deck Chair Canopy (+£75) to your basket too

    3. or if you want to add a footstool, add the Teak Deck Chair Footstool (+£45 ) to your basket

    Each teak chair frame has two holes drilled into the top for the addition of the canopy when needed.
    The canopy bolts into the holes with a butterfly nut and washers included to tighten and adjust the height.
    If you choose to have a footstool, it has two curved metal hooks which just rest on the deckchair and a folding support bar.
    Each component comes separately boxed and ready for use for you to enjoy.


  • Deckchair with Deckchair Cover

    Price shown is for one Deckchair
    Frame made from Hardwood Grade A Teak 
    Size folded 135cms x 60 cms
    Deckchairs usually take 7 - 10 days from ordering as we cover them by hand, please let us know if there is a 'rush' - we will try to help.

    Please note the hardwood deckchair frames are a lovely warm honey colour. We are in the process of updating all the images to show the teak frames but some images still show much paler frames

    See our full range of Deckchairs

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