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Striped Vertical Blinds

Striped Vertical Blinds

Unfortunately we are temporarily unable to supply Vertical Blinds

Made to Measure Striped Vertical Blinds - individually made to suit your requirements in any of our striped fabrics.

Our vertical blinds are very versatile giving shade in bright sunlight or for privacy when needed.
We are able to make replacement vertical blinds ie new blind 'vanes' using your existing system for a spruce-up or we can supply a new system with blinds and header rail to fit your window.
Vertical blinds may be made from any of our striped fabrics in a wider range of colours - Deckchair Canvas or Interior stripes

Vertical Blinds are perfect for Stripes!

Striped Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blind Ordering instructions

Unfortunately we are temporarily unable to supply Vertical Blinds

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Striped Vertical Blinds

We are able to make new blind 'vanes' or 'slats' for an existing vertical blind system or we can supply a new system with blinds and header rail to fit your window

The fabric is cut into strips each measuring approximately 3.5 inches wide, laminated with blackout lining and edged with matching or co-ordinating bias tape.

They may be opened or closed with a pull chain on the left or right, alternatively they can be centrally split so that they draw equally to each side of the window with wands to open and close.
There is a choice of colour finishes for the header rail - white comes as standard, but you may choose one of three other colours

Please note that as the width of stripes in each fabric vary depending on the pattern, the vanes will not be the same across the blind.


The blind vanes must not be obstructed so that they may hang freely, especially look for protruding tiles, hooks, handles, pipes, skirting boards etc.

Measure the width from A to B and the drop from C to D (diagram 1). We recommend you do this in several places to allow for any slight size variation and note down the smallest measurements to the nearest millimetre.


Decide how much you want the vertical blind to overlap on all sides - we recommend this should be at least 50mm each side in most instances or the exact size you wish the blind to be

Carefully measure the width from E to F (diagram 2.) and the drop from G to H and note down the smallest measurements to the nearest millimetre and we will make your blind to your exact size.

In addition we need the measurement from the top of the blind down to the floor.
see Child Safety Regulations at the bottom of the page

striped vertical blind

Striped Vertical Blind in Climbing Fabric

Striped Vertical Blind Vanes

striped vertical blind vanes

How to Measure for Striped Vertical Blinds

1. Vertical Blind Inside a Recess
how to measure Vertical Blind Inside a Recess

2. Vertical Blind Outside a Recess

how to measure Vertical Blind Outside a Recess

striped vertical blinds

vertical blinds for patio doors

striped vertical blind vane in Quickstep with lilac edging  striped vertical blind vane in Basketball with caramel edging  striped vertical blind vane in Hunting with black edging

striped vertical blind system

New Child Safety Regulations : Download Child Safety Regulations

Due to new compulsory legislation regarding protection from strangulation we now need the measurement from where the top of the blind will be attached, down to the floor so the length of the operating chain can be made compliant and we can ensure new regulations are adhered to :

1. The bottom loop of the chain must be at least 150cm above the floor

2. The chain loop must be secured using the retainer supplied

3. The appropriate labels must remain attached to both the chain loop and retainer.

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Striped Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be easily drawn and adjusted for different light conditions or closed fully to create total privacy. When not in use they withdraw discretely to the edge of the frame giving maximum light and if used on bifold, french or patio doors will allow you to use the doors easily and conveniently. They really are the best way to enjoy your view but still get the privacy and shade you need when you need it at the twist of a wand!

Our 100% yarn dyed cotton stripe fabrics are perfect for the laminating process involved in the manufacture of striped vertical blinds and the use of different coloured bias binding for the edging can make blinds in the same fabric look totally different.

Replacement Vertical Blinds

If you have existing office vertical blinds or vertical blinds in your home then replacing the slats or vanes with some zingy stripes will make the world of difference.

The Stripes in our Striped Vertical Blinds

If you’re passionate about colour and love classic, simple design then our striped Vertical blinds have it all. Here at The Stripes Company we think our technicolour stripes look amazing as striped vertical blinds and provide a sophisticated approach to managing the light and colour in your home. So whether they’re for a large bifold door or just a small window, the addition of some well-chosen striped vertical blinds will add that something different to your room.

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Unfortunately we temporarily unable to supply Striped Vertical Blinds in any of our 100% yarn dyed cotton Striped Fabrics for you!

The fabric is bonded to the backing at heat.
You can choose the colour to edge the vertical blind slats with.

If you have any queries please call us on 01244 336387 during office hours 10-5 mon-fri.

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