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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read carefully as many customers may not be familiar with our unusual products - we have categorised as they read on the top menu of the website.

How much fabric do I need to cover a standard folding deckchair?

There are so many different sizes of deckchair - some are larger than others, so 1.5 metres of Deckchair Canvas will be adequate to cover most deckchairs and in some cases there will be a little spare.
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What is the correct width of canvas for my deckchair as the one on it at the moment it is narrower than yours?

Always measure the TOP RAIL of your deckchair for the correct canvas width, the bottom rail is usually smaller to allow the deckchair to fold - do NOT measure the canvas that is already on your chair as this may be narrower or wider than the standard width of 45 cms (approximately 18”)
Please also see My deckchair is wider at one end - how do I make the fabric fit?
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Do I need to do anything to my old deckchair before replacing the old canvas as it is looking very sorry for itself?

When removing the old canvas, photograph before removing, and retain, as it is a useful quide to measure how much fabric you will need. All old rusty nails must be removed and any rough wood sanded down and checked for loosened joints. It should be scrubbed with detergent and allowed to dry before treating with a proprietory wood treatment to vanquish any trace of worm and protect it in the future. It is then up to the individual to put a protective finish on the wood such as teak oil or even varnish or paint.
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Are the fabrics and products weatherproof - can I leave them outside?

Our fabrics are 100% strong woven cotton canvas; they are not weatherproof. Most deckchair canvas was replaced annually after being stored in a garden shed all winter, people used to buy replacement canvas from a local hardware store. This is sadly no longer the case but never fear, The Stripes Company are here and can now solve that problem.
Please note that if you are considering the use of your deckchair fabrics, ours are NOT WEATHERPROOF and therefore more delicate than synthetic fabrics. Treat as you would interior furnishing fabrics and never leave your deckchair outdoors when not in use. Many outdoor fabrics are made with synthetic fibres which are not always as comfortable to sit on as cotton canvas, nor is it as environmentally friendly.
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How do I fix the fabric to the deckchair?

We have found old deckchairs where the canvas has been nailed on and the nails have gone rusty, making them difficult to remove and damaging the wood. We suggest upholstery nails, which are similar to drawing pins but longer with domed heads. The fabric is turned over at the ends, wrapped around the wood and tacked on at intervals of approximately 10 centimetres.
If your deckchair is a model with loose covers and dowelling rods through the top and bottom channels of the cover, we offer a remaking service - please see: Replacement Deckchair Slings or you can sew yourself using the old cover as a template. Please see our Video on how to recover a deckchair
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Is the fabric sewable?

Because our fabric is 100% cotton, it is sewable using a domestic sewing machine and normal cotton or good quality polyester sewing thread.
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The edges of the canvas look uneven with a 'frilly' appearance which was not obvious on the website pictures - will it fray?"

Woven cotton fabric is different to printed fabric and occasionally there are small ‘slubs’ in the weave - this is not a fault but is a charming characteristic of the weaving process (similar to hemps, tickings and hessians). The edges along the length of the fabric are selvedges which are finished and will not fray, nor is it necessary to sew them.

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Can I buy these products in the shops?

All our products are exclusive to us and accessible directly to the public online via our websites.
We have some selected retailers selling our products, but remember that as we have a huge range, it may not be possible for retailers to stock ALL of our products.
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My deckchair is wider at one end than the other - how do I make the fabric fit?

All deckchairs are slightly wider at the top than the bottom to accommodate the wood compactly when folded. If the narrower end of the chair is too narrow for the fabric, then a small corner may be tucked in on either side and then tacked. It does not significantly alter the appearance of the deckchair - if we made the fabric any narrower, on some wider deckchairs there would be significant gaps around the sides!
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I want to order two deckchair slings - do they come ready cut or in one continuous length?

Fabric ordered in the same pattern is sent in one complete length, so if you order 2 x 1.5 metres it will comes as one 3m length
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Is there any sewing involved to cover a deckchair?

For standard deckchairs there is no need to sew the fabric as it can be tacked on almost any deckchair, top and bottom, and the sides are already finished or selvedged.
In the case of a folding Directors or 'Club' chairs, then some sewing may be necessary, as the seats and backs are usually narrower than our 45cms widths - we also offer a Replacement Directors Chair Cover Service
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Will the fabric stretch with wear when sat upon?

As woven cotton canvas is a natural fabric, it will give when sat on repeatedly, this will make for a comfortable seat, however if found that the it has overstretched, then a 30 degree non bio wash will shrink the fabric slightly, and then dried quickly out of direct sunlight. If left wet, the colours may run uncertain circumstances.
To shrink further, a cool spin in a tumble dryer and then place back on the chair when folder - and although tight at first it will stretch back to shape when sat upon.
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How much fabric is needed to cover a directors chair?

Approximately 1.5 metres - It is important that the stripes travel horizontally across the seat and back of the chair so that the warp and weft or the 'grain' of the fabric is not compromised when weight is applied.
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What is the best way to cover a directors chair?

The seat needs to be measured and the fabric narrowed if necessary by sewing a hem front and back to the correct depth. Our canvas fabric is 45cm wide with selvedge edges so the seat depth from the back of your chair to the front can only be 45cms or less.
On Vintage or older chairs the fabric is then fixed by upholstery nails into the wood underneath the side supports of the seat. The back is sewn as before to adjust the size to the narrow back (it may be simpler to double the fabric over) and either tack on as before around the two wooden back supports, or make a 'sleeve' which may be easily removed. On modern Directors chairs, the seat is held in place by means of dowelling rods inserted into channels in the fabric, which are then inserted into grooves on the sides of the seat.

See our How To's : How to recover a directors chair

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Fading - Will the stripes fade in the sun?

All our fabrics are 100% cotton with no synthetics and as with all natural fabrics fading will occur if exposed to sunlight.

All our fabrics are dyed using permitted chemicals which are azo-free - they include no dangerous chemicals which were widely used up until quite recently. These made the colours vibrant and long lasting, but at the expense of the environment and the health of the workers handling the products!

This is why we recommend not leaving the fabric outside unless being sat upon, but to treat it as an indoor fabric - this is why deckchairs fold up so easily and quickly and were never meant to be left outside for sustained periods.

Pinks and reds are more vulnerable to fading so avoid these if you wish your colours to remain brighter.

Historically, the reason that deckchair covers were so brightly coloured was that they were made with 100% cotton like ours and were only taken outside as easily erected extra seating when the weather was fine. The stripes were bright enough to allow for fading, and as a utilitarian fabric, was usually replaced each year.
Some time later, synthetic fabrics crept in, which did not fade as much, and although not at all pleasant to sit on, the plastic was forgiving in all weathers.

So it gives you a good excuse to replace your deckchair canvas often, to have a change of colour and a different stripe which is why we offer a large choice of Deckchair Canvas.
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Are your deckchair fabrics washable?

We recommend sponge cleaning cotton deckchair canvas as a quick fix, however if carefully washed in a machine at 30 degrees using non bio detergent, pulled into shape when wet and dried quickly, any small shrinkage will disappear once the chair is sat upon. Tradition suggests replacement covers each year to refresh your deckchair. We have added washing instructions in our notes on stretching above. PLEASE NOTE THAT RED DYES ARE MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO BLEEDING IF LEFT WET.
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Are your deckchairs FSC?

As our deckchairs are made in Indonesia, they have a different sustainable forest management scheme. The teak is sourced from managed forests passed down through generations of families who own the plantations.
This wood goes through the V-legal scheme (SVLK/TLAS) in Indonesia for which we have the certificates and attributions. Our deckchairs, event stools, luggage racks and trays etc are all made from Teak as we sell them globally - European hardwoods are susceptible to mould in certain climates, whereas teak is not.
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Are Deckchairs safe to sit in or will they collapse easily?

Deckchairs are a type of foldable, temporary portable seating that has been in use since the late 18th and early 19th century in its present form. It is a tried and tested design which is perfectly safe if properly set up and used correctly.
To make the deckchair secure, the deckchair supports MUST be properly inserted into the deep grooves and checked by an adult before applying weight to the chair, and the chair must be set up on a smooth even surface or ground.
Failure to do so may cause collapse of the chair when weight is applied - no matter how strong the chair.
It is esential that no attempt should be made to move a deckchair whilst being sat on. More Questions here

Should our deckchairs all have matching stripes?

We are of the opinion that the more different stripes the better and traditionally two deckchairs were never the same - people get attached to their own preference of deckchair ! They all 'clash' in a very attractive way...
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Can I leave my deckchair outside in all weather?

Unfortunately, both the wood and the fabric would be damaged by excesses of weather - our cotton canvas is NOT outdoor fabric and any dampness should be dried off thoroughly before storage and not left wet to avoid colour run. Your deckchair should be put under cover in adverse weather conditions and recovering annually, it will last a lifetime.
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Can I leave my directors chair outside in all weather?

Unfortunately, both the wood and the fabric would be damaged by excesses of weather - our cotton canvas is NOT outdoor fabric and any dampness should be dried off thoroughly before storage and not left wet to avoid colour run. Your directors chair should be put under cover in adverse weather conditions and recovering annually, it will last a lifetime.
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Is your deckchair canvas suitable for my metal framed outdoor chair?

We do not recommend that our deckchair fabric is used for any chair other than a wooden deckchair or Directors chair which may be folded up and stored easily when not in use. If left outside for long periods, our fabric is not weatherproof and will fade much more quickly than normal, especially in bad weather. Metal chairs may rust if wet and adversely affect the cotton canvas.
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Do you make replacement deckchair slings for Habitat Deckchairs and John Lewis Deckchairs?

Yes we can make slings for any deckchairs which have a method of attaching the fabric that involves a stitched channel at the top and bottom of the deckchair canvas where a wooden dowelling rod is inserted to keep it in place, and also involves stitching up the sides of the canvas for the correct width.
All you have to do is choose your fabric from our range, remove and send your old stitched deckchair cover to us and we will make sure that it fits your deckchair exactly.

Please note: For some Habitat deckchairs where the sling is wider at 50 cms our canvas is restricted to 45 cms wide so they will be narrower on your existing chair.

Many manufacturers change the shape of their models so existing measurements may not be relied upon, which is why we insist on templates being sent to us for our replacement cover service.

See Replacement Deck Chair Slings
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My deckchair sling is tapered - can you make a replacement sling for it?

As the measurements of our canvas is approximately 45 cms in width, when we occasionally receive customers covers that are tapered, our fabric does not have the width to include the wider tapering at one end.
We clearly state the fabric widths on each canvas fabric page, and if your covers exceed this width then we make the covers with a straight angle from top to bottom as normal. This will not affect the look or safety of your chairs, it is merely aesthetic, and the covers do not have to match the originals identically as long as they fit at both ends, which yours should.
See Replacement Deck Chair Slings
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Do you make replacement directors chair covers for Habitat Directors Chairs?

Yes we can make replacement covers for Habitat directors chairs.
Some of the older Habitat Directors Chairs have deeper seats front to back than our canvas at 45 cms will allow and we are restricted to that width. If the existing fabric on the seat of your Directors Chair is deeper than 45 cms, a few centimetres of the wooden side supports will be on display front and back. This does not compromise the safety of the chair and is barely noticeable.
All you have to do is choose your fabric from our range, remove and send your old directors chair covers to us and we will make new ones for your directors chair.
*Habitat has been known to change the shape of their models so existing measurements may not be relied upon which is why we insist on templates for our replacement cover service.
See Replacement Directors Chair Covers
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What is the width of your Interior stripe fabric?

The width of our woven cotton Interior Stripe Fabric is usually approx 150 cms and woven Linen/Cotton Fabrics are 160cm wide - all these measurements may vary slightly with each particular fabric, and if different, we will mention on the individual product page. For the coated Water Repellant and Oilcloth (PVC) fabric, this may be narrower by up to 10 cms as it is trimmed after the coating process to even out the edges.
We have a few fabrics which are only 135cm, so please check.
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What are the uses for your Interior stripe fabric?

This fabric is classed as furnishing fabric to be used indoors for blinds, curtains, cushions and upholstery. We provide this fabric to the trade and retail customers as a medium weight domestic fabric, it is 100% cotton which is woven and untreated. WE DO NOT ADVISE OUTDOOR USE unless in the case of seat pads for example, where they may be taken outdoors for occasional seating for short periods without full sun exposure. We also provide this fabric for many other uses - film and stage productions, bars, restaurants, events and hotels, it is also suitable for garments and tailoring, tablecloths, indoor awnings and bedcovers, windbreaks, sun shelters, bags, hats and mats.
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Is your bright stripy fabric suitable for recovering outdoor umbrellas ? Ours is looking sorry for itself and has faded so we wish to recover the frame.

Our interior stripe fabric although robust is not suitable for any outside long term use - the purpose of outdoor awnings is as a light shield and our fabric would fade extremely quickly with this type of exposure to the sun Outdoor parasols or umbrellas are usually made of a synthetic fabric that has had a specialised UV treatment. Currently it is not possible to make this type of outdoor fabric in such an array of wonderful stripes.
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Which is the correct direction for the stripes to run on deckchairs and other similar furniture?

Stripes always run in the direction of the warp threads of the cloth to indicate where the fabric should be attached and the warp threads are supported at the correct part of the chair or stool - usually the bars.
On a deckchair, the stripes run vertically from top to bottom and on folding stools and directors chairs they run horizontally - if they are attached incorrectly on the weft side (the selvedge) any fabric will likely split.
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What is the difference between Water Repellant & Oilcloth Fabric?

Water Repellant fabric has a light almost invisible coating on one side repelling any spilt liquids by forming droplets which are easily shaken off - perfect for tablecloths etc.

Oilcloth is a much heavier PVC which is almost impervious to liquid for much heavier duty use - perfect for use with childrens painting, cookery or clay modelling sessions! Also perfect for bags where water may be involved such as for the beach.
See our video on 'Making Door Curtains' with our Oilcloth fabric

May be used outdoors but not for prolonged periods in the sun.
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How would accidental spills affect my oilcloth tablecloth - are there any substances that I should avoid, particularly with children?

To the best of our knowledge, some of the following may result in staining your PVC oilcloth:
Some tomato or curry based sauces, ink, shoe polish, cosmetics and nail varnish and newspaper /magazine print if damp or wet.
We advise that you send for free swatches and put these through your own thorough testing as some products may stain that we are not aware of.
Please also note the following:
Fading may occur if positioned in strong sunlight.
Oilcloth tablecloths are not heat resistant so hot plates, utensils or pans should not be placed directly on to the cloth
Any creases may be ironed out on the reverse using a cool iron.
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Could you make an outdoor awning for us?

Our interior stripe fabric although robust is not suitable for any outside long term use - the purpose of outdoor awnings is as a light shield and our fabric would fade extremely quickly with this type of exposure to the sun. This specific product is usually made of a synthetic fabric that has had a specialised UV treatment. Currently it is not possible to make this type of outdoor fabric in such an array of wonderful stripes and you would need to consult a specialist outdoor awning company to ascertain the correct solution for your needs and as we are not a company who specialises in outdoor (synthetic) fabrics or the outdoor awning market.
We have provided and made indoor awnings, hanging sails and sunshades for props and effects for media productions, and also for bars and restaurants - but these are specifically for indoor use. When asking for quotations, we would need to know how the fabric is being used, to give the best advice. If it is for outdoors we would not recommend our fabric.
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We would like to see the colour and quality of the fabric as we would like to match this up to the colours we already have in our scheme - do you provide swatches or samples?

A full swatch service is provided on the website free of charge for up to four swatches (UK only) and we recommend that customers use this before purchasing to test for colour fastest, quality and colour matching. To order swatches, go to any of the fabric product pages and click on the ‘Request a swatch’ button (usually in grey on the page) this will add the swatch to your basket - just add your details and send to us. (Non - UK orders will incur a small postage charge to their country)
Please see more detailed information on Swatches
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Colour Matching when ordering more of the same fabric. We have previously bought this fabric, will the colour be exactly the same? Do we need to get another swatch?

Before purchasing any fabric we would advise ordering a recent swatch from the product page on website if you have not already done so. It is important to note that fabric batches may be subject to change if there is a significant time gap between previous samples and fabric purchased. With ongoing factory production there may be some tonal (1-2 shades darker or lighter) difference in colour and fabric weight (+/- 10%).
Please see more detailed information on Swatches
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Is the striped fabric suitable for Upholstery?

Our Interior stripes have been used for many upholstery, soft furnishing and many other projects by Interior specialists, architects and is suitable for contract use. Deckchair canvas is a slightly looser weave and only 45 cms wide - as such it has limited upholstery use - perhaps small chair seats and stools but is used widely for smaller creative projects!
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You mention that all your fabrics are made from woven cotton - what is the difference between printed and woven cotton?

Printed cotton is where a pattern is printed on to a fabric, usually a plain colour, which has already been woven. The printing methods vary from block printing, transfer or digital printing. Woven cotton is dyed prior to the weaving process which give a more natural look with the pattern usually showing on both sides of the fabric - stripes, ginghams and ikats are primary examples.
Woven cotton fabrics made of natural fibres often have little ‘slubs’ throughout the weave which are a characteristic of the yarn and which give a more organic look and feel to the fabric. This is widely accepted throughout the industry, and these little ‘imperfections’ are considered part of the charm which modern synthetics or polyester fabrics lack.
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Are the colours true on the website?

On some computers there is a small degree of colour distortion which we cannot predict, but we recommend requesting sample swatches for colour matching purposes and other testing.
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Are your stripe fabrics washable?

If you purchase our fabrics to convert into decorative and home projects, we suggest specialist dry clean only. Our Linen Cotton fabrics are Dry Clean ONLY.
For most of our made-up products, there are individual care instructions attached, although we are unable to guarantee the results in different circumstances. If in doubt, wash on a cool wash, dry quickly and avoid tumble drying.
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Is there much shrinkage?

All yarn dyed 100% cotton has an 'allowable' shrinkage rate which is hardly noticeable in most of our our ready made products. If products are tumble-dried, this could be greater which is why we advise line/air drying if possible, but always turn inside out if outdoors to prevent fading. If making up loose covers for example, these would have to be specialist dry cleaned if the necessity of accurate fitting were to be maintained.
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I am considering making some Roman Blinds and Curtains for my sitting room which is on a South Facing elevation of the house - will the bright colours fade quickly?

Any woven or printed cotton will fade quite quickly if exposed to strong sunlight, the edges of curtains and along the bottom of blinds are particularly vulnerable - they should be lined as standard.
Cottons are natural fabrics and the dyes used no longer have dangerous chemicals or AZOs added to extend the life of colours as they have now been banned.
As a precaution, U.V. film attached to the windows is recommended as an excellent and inexpensive solution for slowing the fading process.
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Is it possible to use your fabric and trimmings for craft projects?

All our fabrics and trimmings are perfect for crafts projects and may be purchased in smaller quantities as remnant packs and bundles which are very popular for collages, quilting, needlework, patchwork etc. Please see the wide range of fabric remnants packs
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I have a swing seat that I wish to recover - is your Interior stripe fabric or deckchair canvas suitable for this?

Swing seats are primarily an outdoor product and our fabrics would not be suitable for this - we would recommend a specialist outdoor fabric similar to the one they already on your seat, usually a synthetic/acrylic, which we do not manufacture.
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Do the stripes run vertically or horizontally down the roll?

ALL our stripes 'Train Track' - i.e running vertically down the length of the roll (warp) - they do not go across from selvedge to selvedge (weft).
If you are ordering fabrics for curtains for example, the stripes will run vertically down the curtains, and if joined, the seam would be nearly invisible - there would also be very little waste for pattern matching. If however the stripes are placed horizontally and the length of the curtains are longer than 140 cms ( plus allowances) there would be a join running horizontally across the curtains, which would be visible, and would possibly impede the ‘hang’ of the curtains. For Roman blinds the stripes must be vertical to disguise any joins for larger blinds.
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Your lovely Edwardian Sunshelter looks as if it folds up into a bag - do the poles fold up for carrying to the beach?

Our sunshelter canopy cover is made of cotton and folds up into a bag - the frame is wooden and folds or 'concertinas' for easy storage into a 2 metres length, and is posted to you in a long cardboard box together with the cover in a separate package. You need to be aware of this if you are thinking of buying these for transporting anywhere - it may not be easy to take to the beach or any other windy place and may be more suitable for a garden.
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Do you deliver overseas?

We deliver overseas to more or less any destination - please see our delivery details which may also be found on the basket page and must be read before check out. If you are unsure, please email us before purchasing and we will quote for any shipping charges - we are not liable for any duties or customs charges on arrival in your country or territory
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Do you deliver to BFPO addresses?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship to BFPO addresses
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Voucher Discount Codes - how do I know its a valid code?

We email out offers to our customers or any current offers are clearly shown on the website or our latest offers page. You will be unable to use discount codes on www.thestripescompany.com that you find on other third party voucher/discount code sites. To receive our true offers and stay up-to-date with news, ideas and new products please feel free to sign up to our newsletter

Voucher Discount Codes - I forgot to add the Voucher Discount Code at checkout

Please note we are unable to apply Voucher code discounts over the phone or retrospectively after an order has been placed online.
All our discounts are available for online purchases only. Only 1 discount code can be used per order.
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I haven't received my confirmation email or any dispatch emails

We do send confirmation and dispatch emails, however they may go into junk/spam folders, so please check.
Unfortunately we are finding that they do not reach the less secure hotmail email accounts. If you have another email address, let us know and we can send them to you.
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Personalisation of Products - are they refundable?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund personalised items
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