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Kickball Vintage Deckchair Canvas

Khaki Deckchair Canvas | Vintage Deckchair Fabric Kickball

Retro khaki vintage deckchair canvas fabric for recovering Deckchairs and Directors Chairs.

Kickball deckchair canvas is 45.5 cms wide made from 100% yarn dyed cotton in a lovely vintage sun faded feel fabric, with desert khaki, sand, washed out blue with thin black and coral stripes.

This fabric was used to cover deckchairs used in a few episodes of Downton Abbey

Khaki, sand, light blue - black, coral stripes

Ordering instructions

You will need approx 1.5 metres deckchair canvas to recover a standard Deckchair / Directors Chair or 3 metres for 2 chairs

Khaki Deckchair Canvas | Vintage Deckchair Fabric Kickball

Khaki, sand, light blue - Deckchair Canvas Vintage Archive Striped Fabrics | Vintage Deckchair Fabric

£14.50 per metre

Approx 1.5 metres is required to re-cover a standard deckchair or 3 metres for 2 chairs
Select Quantity in m

Give your Deckchair or Directors Chair a new lease of life

Add a matching Deckchair Headrest

100% yarn dyed cotton

45cms wide unless otherwise stated in product description.
Multiples of one colour come as a complete length

See our Step by Step Guide on How to Recover a Deckchair
and do not forget to purchase your Upholstery Nails, to attach your fabric.

See our full range of  Deckchair Fabrics

Important: Please read the FAQs about our 100% cotton fabrics

Request a Sample Swatch

Kickball Swatch Vintage Canvas 45cm

For how to order and orders outside UK see Ordering

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Khaki Deckchair Canvas | Vintage Deckchair Fabric Kickball

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